YITH WooCommerce Save for Later Premium GPL V1.1.14

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YITH WooCommerce Save for Later Premium GPL – Inspired by Amazon: allow your customers to save products added to cart and purchase them at a later time.



YITH WooCommerce Save for Later Premium GPL

Inspired by Amazon: allow your customers to save products added to cart and purchase them at a later time.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will be able to integrate one of the most interesting Amazon options in your e-commerce. According to statistics, 40% of users use the cart like a wishlist, adding and removing products depending on their current needs.
  • You will improve your e-commerce usability by allowing your customers to save the products they are interested in directly on Cart page where they will always be visible and ready to be purchased (differently from products added to a wishlist, often forgotten by the user);
  • You will give users the possibility to temporarily remove a product from the cart and add it again with just one click without searching that product on the store to select size, color, click on the Add to cart button, etc. A faster purchase process that increases your conversions.

    Increase the sales of your site facilitating future purchases

    The easiest and most efficient way to let your customers manage the products of their cart: thanks to YITH WooCommerce Save for Later, if your customers decide to postpone their purchases to the future, they will always be free to remove products from the cart and move them into a specific list available on the same page.

    Who normally buys online knows it well: you spend a lot of time on an e-commerce site, analyzing the tabs of the products looking for the fittest for our needs, reading reviews and comparing prices to add “perfect” products to the cart. This is when the unexpected happens: maybe you do not have enough funds, or perhaps you want to think about it before purchasing. Therefore, you remove products from your cart and, in few seconds, you lose all time spent for the accurate selection.

    Looking again through the whole shop for the products you are interested in will be so frustrating that you postpone the selection to a new moment. Days will pass and you will simply forget that particular item you wanted to buy.
    Maybe you will buy it elsewhere, or maybe you will decide you do not need it anymore. Whichever the reason will be, the result is the same: all the products removed from the cart are sales lost.

    Thanks to our plugin, products removed from the cart and “saved for later” will be always visible on the same page and they will be purchasable at any other moment with a single click, without the need for your customers to look again throughout the shop, selecting type, size, color and so on.
    Every time they add a product to the cart, even after some months, the saved products will always be visible and will encourage to be purchased. A true reminder, an unmissable “call to action” that can considerably increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce.


    Show a link to “Save for later” page for each product

    Give your users the possibility to add products to a “Save for later” section in cart page and recover them any time you open cart page without getting crazy to find them again in the shop

    Show an “Add to wishlist” link to add products to the Wishlist

    Give Wishlist users the additional possibility to add products also to their wishlist with a simple gesture

    Add products single variations

    You can add any type of product to the list, whether it is a single product or a variation!

    Add products easily to your cart from the new list

    A rapid transfer to simplify the purchase process of your customers.

    Take advantage of the WPML compatibility

    You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool


    • Move products from cart to the “Save for later” list
    • Management of variable products
    • Add products to cart from the “Save for later” list
    • Use a shortcode to show your users the list of products they have decided to save for later
    • Integration with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

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