YITH WooCommerce Quick View Premium GPL v1.28.0

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YITH WooCommerce Quick View Premium GPL – You will have the possibility to add the “quick view” functionality to your shop and show information related to the product in a modal window.



YITH WooCommerce Quick View Premium GPL

You will have the possibility to add the “quick view” functionality to your shop and show information related to the product in a modal window.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You will allow users to view product details easily and quickly by limiting the number of clicks and pages to load;
  • You will allow easy comparison of your items by letting users view the product tab in a modal window without leaving the shop page.
  • You will be able to implement and take advantage of a captivating and remarkable layout to catch your users’ attention.Customers opening a quick view window are more likely to buy the product they are viewing because they do not have to wait for page loading and because they do not have to surf back and forth among the pages to find the products they are interested in.

    Among the many products available in a shop, going back to the one you prefer often becomes an annoying activity because it always takes too long to find it again. Being able to open a pop-up window where to see details concerning that product makes users’ task easier.
    And an Add to cart button is there available. The possibility to see immediately product details and magnified images of them makes users feel more comfortable with the website they are browsing and makes them also more willing to buy. In fact, clicks before adding the product to the cart are reduced as well as server load.

    This way, customers do not have to wait long before the page to be loaded, because it is there, left behind, ready to be displayed as soon as it is clicked upon. This is how YITH WooCommerce Quick View can improve sales in your website!


    Choose what type and where to display the button

    Display a “Quick View“ button or a customised icon to access the quick view, place it near “Add to Cart“ button or within the product image.

    Browse products within quick view

    So that you can quickly move to the previous or next product without leaving the window

    Choose information to display

    You can decide to display all information or just part of it

    Show different types of images

    Display just a featured image or also other images through sliding effect or in traditional WooCommerce display

    Choose displaying method for Quick View

    As modal window or with a cascading unrolling effect

    Access product detail page from quick view

    Thanks to the additional “view details“ BUTTON

    Share quick views on social media

    To be social-friendly and share quick views of your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google , or send an email

    Customise style


    You can decide colours of the “Quick View“ button and everything that is within the modal window.

    Place the quick view where you want

    Use the available shortcode to make your users see a specific product in any page.

    Improve your experience with YITH plugins

    Its compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier, YITH WooCommerce Badge Management and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist lets you mix their features!

    YITH WooCommerce Quick View Premium

    • All features of the free version
    • Enable lightbox for product images.
    • Enable product navigation in the quick view window (you can either set a navigation for the same category or not).
    • Choose from two navigation styles (slide or rotate).
    • Choose among two types of quick view (modal window or cascading).
    • Choose the effect you prefer for popup window opening.
    • Option to close popup after add to cart action New
    • Set width and height for the modal window.
    • Choose between a button or an icon to open a quick view.
    • Set a label for the “Quick view” button.
    • Upload a custom icon.
    • Set position for the icon (after “Add to cart” button or in the thumbnail image)
    • Set elements to show in the quick view.
    • Set width and height for product image.
    • Choose among three types of thumbnails (do not show it, slider, classic).
    • Add the “View details” button to link to the page of a single product.
    • Set a label for the “ View details” button.
    • Add a sharing button for the product in the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google , or via email.
    • Set a background colour for the modal window.
    • Set a background colour for “Quick view” button.
    • Set colours for content ( main color for text, star color, “Add to cart” button color, “View details” button color, closing icon color )
    • You can choose the text that has to be displayed in the quick view (either complete description or the excerpt)
    • A shortcode that prints to screen a button to open the quick view of a specific product
    • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier (you can zoom the product image in the quick view)
    • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Badge Management (badges appear also in the quick view)
    • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist (add a “Quick view” button to products in the Wishlist table)

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