WP Adminify Pro GPL v3.2.4.2 – Toolkit for WordPress Dashboard

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WP Adminify Pro GPL – Increase your site’s efficiency by powering up your WordPress Dashboard in a few easy clicks.



WP Adminify Pro GPL – Toolkit for WordPress Dashboard

WP Adminify Pro GPL – Increase your site’s efficiency by powering up your WordPress Dashboard in a few easy clicks.


WP Adminify Pro GPL Overview:

WP Adminify enhances the WordPress Dashboard Customization journey. It comes with 18 modules, such as Media Folder, Login Customizer, Menu Editor, Admin Columns, Activity Logs, Disable Admin Notice, WordPress White Label, Admin Page, Google Pagespeed Insights, Custom CSS/JS, and many more. It can be your best choice because of its Multiple Dashboard UI Templates and lightweight size (4MB).

WP Adminify comes with a pre-built Template for your Dashboard. With a single click, you can change the entire color scheme of your WordPress Admin area. It has a perfect setup wizard, where you can enable or disable all necessary modules, define your website’s logo, and more.


WP Adminify Pro GPL Features:

  • Admin Columns Customizer: By default, WordPress provides a list of admin columns for different post types. Using this module, you can customize those admin columns and add or remove them when it’s required.
  • Post type & Media Folders: The folder module will help you quickly organize all of your Pages, Posts, and Media. With it, you can create unlimited folders to give your posts the best home they could ever want.
  • Google Pagespeed Insights: Google Pagespeed Insights is a tool that helps you to find out issues for better page speed. WP Adminify integrated Google lighthouse inside this module, it will provide you an in-depth page optimization suggestions for a fast page.
  • Disable Admin Notices: Do you know what it’s like when a plugin notifies you to upgrade to the paid version, collects your technical data & then shows a never-ending onslaught of notifications? Maybe it interrupts your work with WordPress? With the help of disable comments module, you can get rid of all notice in a second.
  • Dashboard Menu Editor: If you’re looking to edit the admin menu, then you should try this Admin Menu Editor by WP Adminify. With just a few clicks, you can change user role permissions, edit default text, URL, and icon.
  • WordPress Login Customizer: Login Customizer by WP Adminify comes with many customization settings to personalize your WordPress login page. You can change the style, layout, typography and even some of its textual elements like label, placeholder or error messages too.
  • WordPress Activity Logs: If you want to track every event happening on your WordPress website, you need to use the WP Adminify plugin. It’s like a hidden security camera that tracks what happens in the pages, posts, etc, and tells you exactly who did what.
  • Disable Comments for WordPress: Spammers always love the comment form. You can disable the comment form website URL field and disable link in the comment form, and author URL too. With a single click, you can get rid of all comment forms on your website.
  • Notification Bar for WordPress: Notification Bar by WP Adminify enables the admin to create notification bars in the top or bottom position for the full site or page or post. The notification bar features a text message, and a button (optional). it can be configured to show on desktop and mobile devices. You can use it as a cookie notice by defining the position at the bottom.
  • Dashboard & Welcome Widget: Input text, icon, video, shortcode, RSS feed content inside your Dashboard widget. The welcome widget can be customized in the normal text editor or Elementor page builder.
  • Header / Footer Script: You can just use some CSS and JS codes to customize your WordPress site without modifying any other plugin or theme files. It has options to enable snippets for specific devices, pages, posts, and taxonomy pages.
  • Quick Floating Menu: With the help of the floating dashboard quick menu, you can arrange your necessary pages here. No matter where you navigate in your dashboard, it will be always accessible.
  • Menu Duplicator for WordPress: Duplicating a full menu or specific menu item is super easy with WP Adminify. Within a single click, you can duplicate any menu or menu item. After duplicating just customizes it to your needs.
  • Admin Pages For WordPress: Admin page module can help you to create parent or sub-pages under any existing dashboard menu item. You can design your custom admin page using any page builder like Visual composer, Elementor, Oxygen, etc.
  • WordPress Post Duplicator: Do you like to create a different page or post in the same layout but with different content? Arranging a page or post from sketch is painful and time-consuming. Here Post Duplicator by WP Adminify can help you. Within a single click, you will get a full clone of your main page or post or post type.
  • WordPress Sidebar Generator: Create an unlimited WordPress sidebar. Input title, description for your sidebar and sort them anytime.
  • Post Type order module: It’s a powerful module that helps you to sort or order any type of post type. Not only post type but also it works for media and taxonomy order too. You can prevent different user roles to order post types too.
  • Server Information: WP Adminify presents some necessary information about your server. The amazing feature is, you can check your WordPress website debug log here. Not only check but also you can refresh and clean your debug file. It will show you a lot of WordPress Constants for the wp-config.php file.
  • Light & Dark Mode: Set schedule dark mode on a specific type or operating system. When your OS will be on dark mode, your website dashboard automatically turns dark. You can customize the logo for light and dark mode too.
  • WordPress Admin Theme: WP Adminify comes with some pre-built Admin Theme. From the Customize option, you can select your desired colour palate to see instant changes.

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