WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications GPL v1.6.9

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WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications GPL – Notify customers when your products are restocked.



WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications GPL

WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications GPL – Notify customers when your products are restocked.


WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications Extension GPL Overview:

Running out of stock is always frustrating. Can’t avoid it? Then turn it into something positive! Stop worrying about all the sales you are missing, and think about the customers you can bring back.

With Back In Stock Notifications, you can:

  • Turn your sold-out products into waitlists that anyone can join.
  • Send automated emails to your customers when their favourite products are restocked.
  • Recover lost sales, build customer loyalty, and gain deeper insights into your inventory.

Bring customers back to your store

Back In Stock Notifications gives your customers an effortless way to know when your products are restocked and bring them back to your store. Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers who land on a sold-out product page are invited to sign up with their email and get notified when the product becomes available.
  2. When the product is back in stock, all customers who joined the waitlist receive an automated notification.
  3. Customers return to your store and complete their purchases!

Stay connected with your most loyal customers

Customers who sign up for back-in-stock notifications send you a strong buying signal with high purchase intent. So why not take the opportunity to stay connected with them?

Back In Stock Notifications stores your waitlist contact details even after all notifications have been sent, making it easy to export and use them in your favorite email marketing platform.

Let your customers manage their preferences

Concerned about your customers’ privacy? The plugin supports double opt-in, and handles opt-ins and opt-outs gracefully, giving customers with or without an account the freedom to manage their own preferences:

  1. Logged-in customers can sign up without entering their email and can manage active notifications from their Account page.
  2. Confirmation and notification emails include a handy “unsubscribe” link that gives your customers a frictionless way to opt out of all alerts they have signed up for.

Experience WooCommerce at its finest


Back In Stock Notifications has been optimized to leverage the latest technologies built into WooCommerce, while making the most of the features you love.

  • Running a high-traffic store? Thanks to its integration with Action Scheduler, the extension can send thousands of back-in-stock alerts without breaking a sweat.
  • Need full support for Variable products? The plugin stores the current variation selections when customers sign up, and restores their selections when they return.
  • Using Product Bundles? With Back In Stock Notifications, your customers can sign up and get notified when bundles with insufficient stock become available.

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