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Wallet for WooCommerce GPL helps your users to quickly complete a purchase by adding funds to the site and using them for future purchases.



Wallet for WooCommerce GPL

Wallet for WooCommerce GPL helps your users to quickly complete a purchase by adding funds to the site and using them for future purchases.


Wallet for WooCommerce GPL Overview:

Wallet for WooCommerce adds a wallet function to your store. Wallet for WooCommerce helps your users to quickly complete a purchase by adding funds to the site and using them for future purchases.


Wallet payment gateway

A separate payment gateway for using the wallet funds for placing the order.

Fund transfer and request

Your users can transfer/request funds from other users on your site. You have the option of charging your users a fund transfer fee.

Wallet auto top-up

Your users can set up to automatically add funds to their wallets if their wallet balances fall below a specified threshold.

Gift vouchers


The Gift Voucher Module allows you to generate gift vouchers that contain wallet balances. You can issue gift vouchers to your users and they can redeem the gift vouchers to add to their wallet balances.

Wallet balance with expiration dates

You can set up an expiration date for your user’s wallet balance.

Wallet actions

You can award wallet balances to your users for the following actions,

  • Account Signup
  • Daily Login
  • Product Review

Email Notifications

You can send email notifications to your users for their Wallet activity.


Offer convenience to your users

Your customers can plan their purchases and add sufficient funds to their accounts to complete them later.

Faster checkout

When your users place their orders through their wallet, they can quickly complete their purchase which reduces cart abandonment.

Insights on future sales

You can get insights on future sales on your site based on the wallet balance of your users.

How does it work?

Wallet funds top-up

– To add funds to the user’s account, the user will have to access the Top-up form from the Wallet Dashboard.

– Within the section, your users can enter the amount they wish to add to their account and proceed to Top-up.


Unique features offered in this plugin

  1. Subscription Auto-Renewal using Wallet Balance (Requires WooCommerce Subscriptions)
  2. Wallet Auto Top-up using WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway
  3. Gift Vouchers Module for generating Gift Vouchers in Bulk
  4. Wallet Balance with unlimited validity(optional)
  5. Wallet Actions Module for issuing wallet balances to users for account signup
  6. Tax will not be charged for Wallet Top-up
  7. Wallet Balance expiration Email Reminder
  8. Wallet balance credit for daily login
  9. Wallet balance credit for a product review
  10. Widget Support
  11. Frontend Dashboard Presentation Improvements
  12. Transaction Log Presentation Improvements
  13. Displaying Cron Information[Cron Name and Last Updated] info to the user.
  14. Wallet Balance displayed in the User’s Table

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