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Social Auto Poster GPL – the name itself indicates the functionality of the WordPress plugin, which is Social Media Auto Posting and Scheduling.


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Social Auto Poster


This product is not available for purchase because it doesn't work in GPL. We will suggest you to buy the original directly from the developer.

Social Auto Poster – the name itself indicates the functionality of the WordPress plugin, which is Social Media Auto Posting and Scheduling, that enhances your business online presence, audience, social community, engagement, and website traffic by quickly and easily publishing all types of WordPress posts.

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Why should one waste their valuable time on sharing posts manually? Make it automattic. Social Auto Poster is your ALL-IN-ONE solution for the major social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Google My Business, Pinterest, Medium, Telegram, and WordPress that allows you to auto publish, schedule and Quick share your content. You may configure your social accounts to post new content as well as repost old content to keep it alive and reach the maximum number of audience. The plugin also works nicely with personal profiles, business pages, and groups, etc.


Social Auto Poster is a WordPress plugin that allows bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and marketers, save their time by automating their social media posting. While they are publishing content on their WordPress website, it will be automatically published on the targeted social media profiles. This scheduler allows you to schedule numerous posts to be published at the desired time, instantly, and yes, the most important feature is the REPOSTER, which allows you to revive old posts as well. This social media auto poster supports roughly 11 social media networks, which will undoubtedly help you enhance your website traffic and SEO. Social Auto Poster promotes your popular content, keeping your users engaged and helps you to grow your brand.

If you use third-party plugins to create custom post types on your website, the plugin will recognise this and support auto posting as well as all other features of the plugin for the custom post types. The plugin has Google Analytics integration, which allows you to track post engagements and click counts across all social media networks. Which will help you to build your social media marketing strategies.



  • Time Saver:- It saves your time and automatically shares your Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types to all major Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, BufferApp, YouTube, Google My Business, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, WordPress and Pinterest). You just have to configure it when you initially install the plugin, but it will handle everything for you after that.
  • SEO Friendly:- It improves SEO of your website by having more backlinks from Social Networks, and also the quickest way for your website to attract more traffic.
  • Cost Effective:- Becomes your own Social Media Marketing Manager & thus it saves your money.
  • Easily Manageable:- It is the easiest way to manage, schedule, and share updates to your configured social media networks.
  • Category-specific Posting:- It’s easily adaptable so you can use associated tags and category-specific posting for each platform to attract a specific targeted audience.
  • Track Post Performance:- Use Google Analytics to track post interactions and clicks in order to measure performance and define social media marketing strategies for each social network.
  • Free Lifetime Updates:- With this plugin, you will receive free lifetime updates even after your support period expires.
  • Establish Social Media Presence:- You are able to keep your social media content fresh as new with the help of Social Auto Poster. Consistent online presence as material is posted automatically, consumers find more content of yours on their social media platform. It is an everlasting way to establish a strong social media presence.
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  • Compatible:- Social Auto Poster works with almost all the eCommerce plugins perfectly and seamlessly.


    It is annoying to publish the post manually every time on Social Media Platforms. Social Auto Poster has an option to make it automatic by selecting one setting. The plugin will automatically identify new posts and publish them on the chosen social media networks, as well as schedule them based on your settings. The key reason for making it automatic is because most of the businesses, bloggers, and influencers have a large number of social accounts, groups, and pages to handle and will not have the time to do it manually. Sharing posts with Social Auto Poster is quite simple; once configured, all you need to do is make a WordPress post, and the plugin will handle the rest.


    When you have readers from all over the world and want to reach out to a certain country audience, you must always publish something during their time zone. >Google Analytics, which is also integrated in this automation tool, so that it can provide information about their internet presence. You can schedule a post to be published based on their online presence, and you will receive a high engagement and click through rate during this period, and this schedule a post module will help to improve engagement ratio in that way. By using post scheduling, you will not avoid the peak hours of social media and engage with as many people as possible. With the help of Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin, you can select if you want to publish the content or not and you are able to choose when to publish that content. Also, you can schedule or delay posts and choose specific hours and days.

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  • You can choose what stuff to publish, what not to publish, and when to publish. Set these options in a few clicks, and Social Auto Poster will do the rest for you. If you want specific hours and days, you can also schedule or delay your posts.

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