QSM Logic Addon GPL v2.0.11

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QSM Logic Addon GPL – This addon allows you to hide or show different questions based on what the user selects for other questions.



QSM Logic Addon GPL

QSM Logic Addon GPL – This addon allows you to hide or show different questions based on what the user selects for other questions.

You must install this PRE-ACTIVATED plugin in order to addons to work. Even this is a free plugin it is were the pre-activation takes effect. ALL addons Here

Thinking to add Logic and Condition Based Questions to your Quizzes and Surveys? QSM’s Logic Addon is what you need.

Logic addon allows you to add conditional logic/logic branching to your quiz/survey/forms, which means the user’s response to one question will decide what question to display next.


You have control over which question should be shown to users next in a quiz/survey/form with conditional logic based on their previous responses. Quiz and Survey Master has a unique add-on for creating a WordPress conditional logic survey.

Whether you are a teacher creating tests & quizzes for students, an employer creating interview tests for candidates, or a business owner who wants to understand the interests of your customer then QSM Logic Addon is what you need.

Top Features

  • Simple to Use -> When this happens, do this!
  • Set Logic Rules on Individual Questions
  • Add Unlimited Additional Conditions
  • Decide on a Logic Output to Hide/Show Questions
  • Add Additional Conditions on Email Templates
  • Create super complex logic quizzes

Build Smart Forms

Have you ever needed the ability to only show questions when the user answers other questions a certain way? Perhaps you want only to gather more information when a user says the customer service was poor. Or, maybe you want to ask for more info only from users with specific demographics that you determine earlier in your survey.

The Logic addon allows you to hide or show different questions based on what the user selects for other questions. You can set the addon to show a question when another question’s answer is equal to a certain answer or if it is not equal to a certain answer. You can also show or hide a question if the selected answer is greater than or less than a given value.

You can also take things a step further and show or hide questions when more than one questions equal certain values. For example, you could show a question only if the user rated your customer service poorly and said they would not recommend your product.


Simple Process

Just click “Select a question” to choose a question from your question bank. The condition will then have the options

  • ‘is equal to’
  • ‘is not equal to’
  • ‘is greater than’
  • ‘is less than’
  • ‘is empty’
  • ‘is not empty’

When you have selected all of your options under the ‘When This Happens’ section, proceed to the ‘Do This’ section. You can choose to ‘show’ or ‘hide’ any of the other questions in your test bank in this section.

Here is an example quick survey using this addon:

This is only a demo. Nothing you enter will be stored.

How would you rate our customer service? This example question will show an additional follow up question if you select anything other than “Amazing”.

Can you tell us something that we could have done better?
How likely are you to recommend this product? This example question shows a follow up question if you select any value less than 4.


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