Paid Memberships Pro – Lock Membership Level

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Paid Memberships Pro – Lock Membership Level Lock a user’s membership level or lock all members of a level for a specified term (for required installments).



Paid Memberships Pro – Lock Membership Level

How it Works Paid Memberships Pro – Lock Membership Level

This Add On has two key uses:

  1. It allows you to lock a specific user from making changes to their membership level (including selecting a new level if they currently do not have a level). This may be useful for problem members that repeatedly purchase and cancel membership.
  2. Additionally, you can use this add on to lock a membership level for a specific term. This is useful if you want to restrict members from canceling membership until a required number of installment payments are made.
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    How to Lock a Member Paid Memberships Pro – Lock Membership Level

    1. Locate the member in the WordPress Users dashboard.
    2. Edit the user profile.
    3. Under “Lock Membership” check the box to restrict the member from changing their membership level.
    4. To view a list of all locked members, navigate to Memberships > Locked Members in the WordPress admin.

    Note that a locked member will still ‘expire’ if there is an expiration date set on their membership account. The member will change to ‘no level’ or a downgrade level you have specified via custom code upon expiration.

    How to Lock a Membership Level for a Specific Term

    1. Edit the membership level on the Memberships > Settings > Levels > Edit Membership Level page.
    2. Under “Lock Membership Level Settings”, check the box to lock the membership level.
    3. The level can be set to unlock “Never” or after a specified time period (X days, weeks, months, or years).

    Note that this will only apply to new members of the membership level, not existing members. Post to the members forum for support applying a membership level lock to existing members.

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  5. How to View Locked Members Paid Memberships Pro – Lock Membership Level

    1. Navigate to the Memberships > Members List page in the WordPress admin.
    2. Select “Locked” from the “Show” dropdown.

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