Paid Memberships Pro – Gift Membership

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Paid Memberships Pro – Gift Membership Sell a gift certificate for membership to your site. This plugin generates a unique gift code for the gift recipient to claim their membership account.



Paid Memberships Pro – Gift Membership

How it Works Paid Memberships Pro – Gift Membership

Allow anyone to purchase a gift of membership. When a user purchases a membership level that is set up as a “Gift Level”, a customized discount code is created after checkout. The gift code can be claimed for a free membership, with an appropriate expiration date if configured, for the level selected in the Gift Level’s settings.

  • Users who purchase gifts will not be given a membership level in your site.
  • Gift purchasers can log in as a user and view the history of purchases made, available gift codes, and claimed gift codes.
  • Users can purchase as many gift codes as they want.


    1. Plus and Unlimited members can install the Add On via the Memberships > Add Ons page in the WordPress admin.
    2. Or, download the plugin file and upload the pmpro-gift-levels directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
    3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
    4. Navigate to Memberships > Settings > Levels to create and manage gift membership levels.
    5. Navigate to Memberships > Settings > Email Templates to modify default messages sent through this plugin.

    Membership Level Settings

    Navigate to Memberships > Settings > Levels to create a new “Gift Level” and configure additional settings. Below is a list of the additional fields shown on the Edit Level page when using this Add On.

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    • Gift Level?: Check this box if you would like to set the membership level being edited as a gift level
    • Level to Gift: Choose the membership level that a discount code should be created for when this gift level is purchased
    • Allow Gift Emails: Check this box to allow customers to enter the recipient email address at checkout. If an email address is provided, the recipient will automatically receive an email containing a personalized message and a link to claim the gift code. You can customize the “Gift Recipient” template on the Memberships > Settings > Email Templates page in the WordPress admin.
    • Gift Membership Expires: If left unchecked, the gifted membership will never expire.
    • Gift Expiration Period: The length of time until a gifted membership will expire once redeemed.

    For example, let’s say your membership site sells a $10 monthly membership called “Premium”. Using the Gift Membership Add On, you could create a level called “Gift of Premium” that entitles the recipient to 6 months of Premium membership.

    You would set a $60 initial payment on the “Gift of Premium” membership. Then, in the “Gift Membership” settings, assign the “Level to Gift” as “Premium” with a “Gift Expiration Period” of 6 months.

    Email Template Settings

    The Gift Membership plugin adds three new email templates that you can use to modify the default messages sent as part of a gift purchase:

    • Gift Recipient: This email is sent when the gift giver provides the recipient email address at checkout.
    • Gift Purchased: This email is sent to the gift giver as confirmation of their purchase after checkout.
    • Gift Purchased (admin): This email is sent to the admin as confirmation of gift purchase after checkout.

    The default Gift Purchased email includes a “Gift Confirmation Message” for the membership level that was purchased. This message includes a link to checkout and claim the gift code generated through the purchase.

    If you would like to overwrite any Gift Membership-related email, navigate to Memberships > Settings > Email Templates. Below is a list of additional template variables you can use to customize message:

    • !!pmprogl_giver_display_name!!: The display name of the user that purchased the gift of membership.
    • !!pmprogl_gift_message!!: The personalized message the gift giver added at checkout, if available.
    • !!pmprogl_gift_code!!: The gift code (discount code) generated for this purchase
    • !!pmprogl_gift_code_url!!: A full URL to the membership checkout page for the gifted level that automatically applies the gift code.

    Advanced Setup

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  • In addition to the membership level settings for Gift Memberships, this Add On can also be set up by defining “gift giver” and “gift recipient” level relationships using PHP.

    Developers can add this setup code to your site by creating a custom plugin or using the Code Snippets plugin available for free in the WordPress repository.

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