Gravity Perks Live Preview GPL v1.6.10

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Gravity Perks Live Preview GPL – allows you to preview the forms in the frontend along with the option to make changes in the form.



Gravity Perks Live Preview GPL

Gravity Perks Live Preview GPL – allows you to preview the forms in the frontend along with the option to make changes in the form. It is Ajax-enabled and has many customization options.


Gravity Perks Live Preview GPL Overview:

This plugin provides an easy method for previewing your forms as they will appear on the live site. No longer do you need to create a new post, configure the Gravity Forms shortcode, and publish the page to see how the form will look on the frontend. Just click the handy Live Preview option in your Gravity Forms toolbar.

Gravity Forms Live Preview also provides several features that make testing your forms a breeze and debugging almost enjoyable.

Gravity Perks Live Preview GPL Features:

  • Preview forms on the live site.
    Stop wasting time setting up pages to see how your forms will look on the live site. One-click preview link right on the Gravity Forms toolbar.
  • Unrequire required fields.
    Save time testing your Gravity Forms by making required fields optional in preview (also skips reCAPTCHA).
  • Preview with AJAX enabled.
    Gravity Forms’ default preview doesn’t support AJAX. Live Preview supports AJAX out-of-the-box.
  • Debug hidden fields.
    Show all hidden fields in your form without having to remove classes or change field types. Makes debugging a breeze.
  • Disable notifications.
    Stop notifications from sending when the form is submitted from a preview.
  • Speed up Gravity Form development time.
    Working with Gravity Forms a lot? This perk is guaranteed to save you a ton of time.
  • Seamless, easy-to-use UI.
    Integrates directly with the Gravity Forms toolbar. A single click activates the preview.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.

Feature Details

Live Preview Options


By default, Live Preview will provide a preview of your form on the frontend of your website. Live Preview provides several additional options to customize how your form preview will be displayed and function.

Enable AJAX

Select Enable AJAX to load your form with AJAX enabled.

Show Hidden

There are several types of “hidden” fields in Gravity Forms. You have the actual Hidden field type, the Hidden Product field type, and also the ability to hide fields via the Custom CSS Class field setting via the gf_hidden and gf_invisible CSS Ready Classes (learn how these classes impact Gravity Forms Product fields).

Select Show Hidden to make your hidden fields visible in preview. Working with hidden fields can be tricky. This feature allows you to readily confirm that a hidden field is populated with the expected value. And now you’ll save hours of debugging time.


Filling out field after required field can rot your brain. Save a huge amount of time by automatically unrequiring required fields. The field will still appear required on the frontend; however, on submission, the required validation will be ignored. This means you can leave any field blank and only fill out the fields you are currently testing.

An added bonus! Live Preview also bypasses reCAPTCHA.

Why doesn’t the preview match my site’s theme?

Live Preview uses the Page template page.php to display the live preview. If your theme’s Page template doesn’t output the_post(), the preview will not match your site’s theme.

In order to resolve this, you have two options:

  1. Edit the page.php template in your site’s theme to output the standard the_post() inside the HTML of the page.
  2. Specify the page template to use with Live Preview using the gplp_preview_template hook.

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