Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL v3.20.102

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Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL –  creates some reaction buttons that could be added to content and comments.



Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL

Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL –  creates some reaction buttons that could be added to content and comments.

This plugin creates some reaction buttons that could be added to content and comments.

If you use BuddyPress you may enable reactions on users’ activities, comments, groups, and profiles.

Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL Features List

With this plugin you may:

  • Add reactions to postspages, and custom post types too!
  • Add reactions to comments.
  • Add reactions to single views and archives.
  • Add reactions to BuddyPress’ ActionsCommentsGroups and Profiles.
  • Enable or disable reactions for registered usersunregistered only, or even for specific user roles!
  • View archive of posts with most reactions.
  • Show the names of voters, with a link to their BuddyPress’ Profile or their Author Page.
  • By default, this plugin on the first activation creates six different reactions and enables voting for posts and comments, with no user restrictions.

This plugin is fully compatible with WordPress since version 4.6, but some features require higher versions:

  • Multisite reactions are available on WordPress 4.9
  • Gutenberg integration is obviously available on WordPress 5.0.0

Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL Widgets

Several widgets included:

  • Display most voted contents choosing one or all reactions.
  • Display most voted comments choosing one or all reactions.
  • Display most voted reaction near the content title in widget.
  • Display global reactions statistics on the dashboard
  • Display statistics for single content on the edit page


This plugin is fully compatible with localization, a .pot file included.


Follow these instructions to install the plugin on your WordPress site:

  • Download the plugin, find the file.
  • Go to the WordPress admin area and visit the Plugins → Add New page.
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button on top of the page, choose
  • file, and confirm.
  • After installation enables plugin, reactions are active by default for posts and comments.

Reactions WordPress Plugin GPL Customization

Highly customizable:

  • A simple dragon drop interface lets you sort reactions as you wish.
  • To change the image simply click on the icon and choose one of the hundreds of provided vector artworks.
  • You may change the color of provided SVG icons choosing one of 16 million RGB possible values.
  • If you want you may use your own images from the default WordPress media uploader.
  • Every reaction has a name that is used as a label on the front end. Changing the reactions label is as simple as typing the new label in a text field.
  • Choose your favorite blur effect between Blur, Desaturate or Opacity.
  • Customize icons choosing effect amount percentage.

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