Citadela Listing Plugin GPL v5.18.1

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Citadela Listing Plugin GPL – brings features for business directory website built on WordPress.



Citadela Listing Plugin GPL – The universal directory plugin for Gutenberg

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL brings features for business directory website built on WordPress. It is determined for enhancing a website for the business, blogging, or non-profit organization.


Citadela Directory/Listing GPL Overview:

Welcome to the new age where you can build a business website, directory portal or listing website like Yelp using blocks. This WordPress plugin for Gutenberg lets you add WordPress blocks such as Listing Map, Search Form, Category list, or Items List anywhere you like – without coding.

A wide range of possible uses makes the Citadela Listing plugin perfect for any website, whether it’s a standard or a listing site.

With universal features of Citadela Listing, you can create food recipe listing websites, real estate websites, job offer listings, classified websites or business directories. Possibilities are endless.

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL Features:

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL Compatible


Works with all standard WordPress themes. You can even combine it with Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg plugin in WordPress editor.


This WordPress listing plugin is built for speed. It’s lightweight & straightforward. Your web visitors will love how fast they can find what they’re looking for.

SEO friendly

Clean code combined with the right keywords, metadata, and increased user interaction will set you on the right course, to the top of the search results.

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL Fully responsive

Your website will look excellent and work smoothly on mobiles, tablets and desktops, small or big screens. Our listing blocks adjust to all screen sizes.

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL Ready for monetization

Earn money by charging for listings on your website. WooCommerce integration will let you collect payments via Paypal, Stripe, Amazon pay and others.

Standard & easy to use

Contains standard WordPress code appreciated especially by advanced WP users & developers. Beginners can rely on the simple set-up block by block.

Additional Features:

Listing Items List


Display items on any page. Choose the layout and size of the items, then set filters to show only items you want according to category and/or location.

Google Maps

You’ll need a Google API key to display Google maps on your website. Once added, you can show items of your choice on the map.

Listing Search Form

The function of the Listing Search Form block is to search listing items. It is possible to search by keyword, category and location. You can use geolocation to set the radius from your actual position. Precise search is available using the advanced filter icon directly in the search form. This block can be used on any page as a standalone block or part of the map.

Listing Categories List

Display categories on any page to help your web visitors better orientate on your website. You can choose which information to show/hide, filter the categories or turn on a carousel of selected categories.

Listing Locations List

Similar to Categories List and Items List, WordPress block Listing Locations list is also packed up with settings and options to display only information you want or filter locations.

Listing Search Results

Displays search results on Special Page with the identical name: “Listing Search Results.” Settings let you choose between the box or list layout, set the ordering, pick displayed details and much more.

OpenStreetMap with GPX tracks

A great alternative to Google Maps is OpenStreetMap which you can configure within the Listing Map block. Filter displayed items by category or location and choose the predefined colour scheme. There’s also an option to upload and display GPX tracks to display paths & trails.

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL

Blog Posts on Map

If a blog post you’ve written is connected to a particular location, you can add GPS/address to it and then display it on the map using Listing Map (for posts) block. How great is that?

Posts Search Results

Similar to Listing Search Results, Post Search Results is used on Special Page to display posts found by “Posts Search Form” using category, location, or keyword.


Item Reviews

One of the critical parts of a good listing site is certainly honest reviews posted by your customers. This feature lets you add a star rating and a comment to any item you allow reviews on. You can enable reviews in the Citadela Listing plugin under the tab “Item Reviews.” You can even set the color of the stars in star ratings. The average rating is calculated automatically and is displayed under the title of the listed item.

Get Directions

Use this block on the Item Detail Page (one of the Special Pages) and let your web visitors get directions (navigate) from their location to the item location.

Claim Listing

In the beginning, you’ll be creating an essential list of businesses on your website to get the ball rolling. Once your site gets more popular, business owners will want to claim the listing as their own and manage it in their administration. That’s what Claim Listing is for. You can enable it in the Citadela Listing plugin under the “Claim Listing” tab.

Item Extension

Extend your items with more information. You can predefine custom fields of several available types. You can divide your data between several Item extension Blocks and place them in different places on the Item detail page with different layouts

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL Advanced Filters

Filters for more precise search. Block uses item extension inputs as data. Highly customizable with grouping and toggling abilities. Available on Search results, Category, and Location pages.

Featured Category

If the listing item belongs to multiple categories, you can choose one featured category. You will use the icon and name of the featured category on the map, search results, and items list.

Gutenberg editor on Listing item

You can use any Gutenberg block you like INSIDE the listing item.

Similar Items

Listing Similar Items block will display listing items similar to the reference item, based on predefined criteria. You can use this block on Item Detail Page, which you can manage under the Citadela Special Pages section or on any post and page.

Item Gallery

Block displays image gallery of the Listing Item. Images can be uploaded while editing the item into the Item Options section: Images gallery. Gallery block has various layout and design settings. For example image size, color configuration, carousel options, etc. Block is available only on Item Detail Special Page or inside Item with Gutenberg editor turned on.

Events for listing items

Citadela products offer more complex compatibility and connection with The Events Calendar plugin that manages the events. The Citadela solution extends this plugin in design and linking elements. Each Event can be linked to an Item.

Citadela Listing Plugin GPL Listing Membership Content

We’re introducing you to yet another way to monetize your website content or even start a new business. Citadela Listing plugin includes a native WordPress Paywall support. It allows you to hide a specific piece of your page, post or directory item to non-subscribers.

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