Calculated Fields Form Pro GPL v5.2.45

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Calculated Fields Form Pro GPL is an indispensable tool for creating anything from simple forms to incredibly complex projects.



Calculated Fields Form Pro GPL Features:

Calculated Fields Form Pro GPL is an indispensable tool for creating anything from simple forms to incredibly complex projects.

Form Builder
The Form Builder, which lets you add, edit, and remove fields and specify validation rules (required fields, email fields, etc…), includes three tabs: one for selecting fields, another for editing their attributes, and a third for defining settings.


WordPress Integration
The Calculated Fields Form is distributed as a WordPress plugin for versions 3.0.5 or higher. The free version of the plugin is distributed from the WordPress directory.

WooCommerce Integration
The WooCommerce add-on allows forms created with the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin to be integrated with WooCommerce products so that you can calculate the prices of products through the forms.

Calculated Fields
The plugin’s strength lies mainly in the Calculated Fields. A versatile field for the calculation of product and service prices, the distance between addresses, area, weight, times ranges and more…

Dependent Fields
There are many situations where the use of dependencies between fields is essential for the project. For example, in a store with dissimilar products, the fields for one product’s details may differ from those of another product, in which case use of dependencies would be required in order to display fields in function to the selected product.

Multi-Page Forms
The plugin includes some special fields for creating forms with multiple pages. Multi-page forms are essential for many projects. When implementing a survey form or a wizard form, or even in a common form you can include the last page with a summary of the entered values so that the user can check the information before submitting it.


Predefined Templates
The plugin includes many predefined designs to apply to the forms, with different colors and field structures.

Add Ons
The Add-ons are extra modules for the Developer Version of the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin, that can be used to extend a form’s basic features and behaviour.

Form Processing
Optional form processing that adds a button to submit the form to the server, send an email with the data and save the data into a database.

Contact & Booking Forms
The Calculated Fields Form plugin can be used to create classic contact forms, forms for accepting online bookings and general Web-based forms.


Payment Gateway Integration
The form can be connected to a payment process that takes the amount payable from a calculated field or from a fixed value.

Emails Delivery
The optional form processing includes a built-in optional email delivery.

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