BuddyPress Facebook Like User Activity Stream GPL v1.3.3

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BuddyPress Facebook Like User Activity Stream GPL – Let your BuddyPress users experience the activity stream like facebook.



BuddyPress Facebook Like User Activity Stream GPL

BuddyPress Facebook Like User Activity Stream GPL – Let your BuddyPress users experience the activity stream like facebook.  The BuddyPress Facebook Like Activity Stream plugin shows all the activity updates which happen in a user’s network( User’s group, user’s friend) on user’s profile(or sites directory based on your settings) in one place.


It works like Facebook by aggregating and showing all relevant activities at one place for the user.

You can convert your activity directory All Activities tab to only show the updates from logged in users’s network. You can also add an extra tab to user’s activity stream and show their network’s stream there.

Facebook Like User Activity Stream for BuddyPress is a step towards the right direction. You can use it with a few other plugins to make a social network just like the famous ones. It simply aggregates all the relevant activity for the users on a single page. Yes, you can see your updates/your friends update/Your groups update on the same page(as is the case of facebook feed for user).


  • Aggregating and Providing a familiar page to users where all the relevant social activities are aggregated
  • Clicking on Username automatically redirects to His/Her stream
  • And yes, It limits the view to logged in user for their own network, just like the other social networks do
  • All Activity tab in directory can be converted to list only user’s own network(user friends, following, groups) updates in one stream.

Here are a couple of screenshots to demonstrate its use:-

Visiting Own Profile:-

You can see the stream link as well as the activity of a private group being shown on his/her profile


Here is what you see if you visit other user’s profile(This is just normal, I am trying to show the difference of the visibility of private activity)

and another screenshot where the updates from groups are shown on the same page even if the users(whose updates are visible) are not friends of the logged in user.

It is most useful if your users are coming from one of the existing social network. They will find it much more intuitive.



You can access the settings from Dashboard->Settings->Facebook Like Activity Settings as shown below.

From the settings page, you can enable the BuddyPress user network activity stream on profile or use the All Activities tab in the members directory.

  If you enable the stream on profile, you can customize the slug too.


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